How to choose a professional child photographer?

If you are searching for the best photographer for your child, worry not, this blog belongs to you! Here are some amazing tips to help you out-

Do your research

All professional photographers are not created equal. Some are specialised in portraits and others, more candid. Some love to work in their premises (studios) and some prefer embracing nature and some prefer making pictures of your little ones in their native surroundings. Check out their portfolios to find out if your taste matches their style. Involve yourself looking through the photographer’s galleries and website. Do not choose a photographer and expect them to do something completely different to their style. So, find someone whose images you love. Images that speak to you!

A lifetime investment

PLEASE do not choose someone who is offering you incredibly cheap prices but photography is not his forte. It is truly said, “you get what you pay for in life”. Do not be lured by the tempting discounts or do not just go with the first photographer you speak to. These precious moments will rush in a blur of sleep deprivation, nappies, and activities. So, make the most out of it. At last, if someone is best in their work, their prices will reflect that.

Fun personality

Handling kids is not easy especially when you are a stranger to them. Find someone who knows how to be friends with your child. Children can be unpredictable, a trained child photographer becomes friends with your child. He handles your child at the photoshoot, comforts them, calms them off etc. So, find someone who is warm and friendly and who you think will be best friends with your child.

Go by the recommendations and reviews

Undoubtedly personal recommendations will never go wrong but if you don’t have, few mouse clicks can save you from a lot of hassles. Review their websites and portfolios. Check out their social media presence as to how recent clients interact online with them. Look for the comments, feedbacks and of course the overall rating.

From Ankit’s reading room-The day the crayons quit

There is no such thing as too many books. Especially, when they are picture books. As a child, I grew up reading these books and even today all you will find in my bookshelf is these picture books. After all, they are full of magic and they are awe-inspiring.
I am super excited to be starting a bi-monthly share of picture books for children. My pick for this week is my most favorite book ‘The day the crayons quit’ written by Drew Daywalt and beautifully illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

With this series, I aim to share my bimonthly pick on my favorite picture books. Also, I will be happy to know what are you currently reading so that I can grow my collection a lot more bigger.

Ankit Chawla


Being that 90’s child in India, since, I didn’t have computers or iPads with me, a lot of my time was spent in outdoor play. During hot months, especially when we had summer vacations, we were mostly confined in the houses and that didn’t stop me from having fun either. I started scribbling on my walls of my house when I had to be indoors. It seemed to be so natural to just draw, fill colours or make a mess out of it and it made the day joyous. 

In retrospect, I see what it did to me. it made me free of all pressures. And I don’t miss doing all of that today. Since, I couldn’t keep scribbling on my walls. I painted one of the walls in my studio to make a chalkboard. 

I still, sometimes, put my phone &  iPad away and pick up color chalks only to scribble! 

This gave birth to my photography project ’The chalk board series’. 

I scribble and then I shoot around my blackboard.

Ankit Chawla

Movies that inspire me

I am not sure if I find inspiration but surely inspiration finds me. While reading kiddy books, while travelling, while chatting with the little ones, while breathing in the smell of a bake which is just out of the oven, while eating a delicious meal, while walking barefoot on the beach or even while watching some movies. 

There are these couple of movies which have always inspired me endlessly and there is no way that I cannot stop talking about them enough.

Where the wild things are:  The movie is an adaptation of  the book written by Maurice Sendak. I cannot debate on if the book is nicer or the movie. I equally love both.

What I love about the movie is the protagnist Max’s dream about the land of all the wild things. I can watch this movie any number of times to see what how beautiful do wild things look if seen from an eye of a child.

In Bedridge, Professor Parker Wilson finds an abandoned dog at the train station and takes it home with the intention of returning the animal to its owner. He finds that the dog is an Akita and names it Hachiko. However, nobody claims the dog so his family decides to keep Hachi.
I love watching this movies with my dogs and I cry every time I watch it.
The movie taught me how to love selflessly.

Up: Believe me, I never watch an animated movie without keeping a box of tissues by my bedside.

The movie is about Carl Fredricksen who as a boy wanted to explore South America and find the forbidden Paradise Falls. About 64 years later he gets to begin his journey along with a Boy Scout named Russel with help from 500 balloons. On their journey they discover many new friends including a talking dog and Carl and Russel figure out that someone evil plans. Carl soon realizes that this evildoer is his childhood idol.

The movie has taught me the importance of ‘now’ and developing some special bonds. 

PS: I picked up images of Ansh (beautiful boy I have been shooting with for a while now) from my old hard drive and collaged them into movie posters.

-Ankit Chawla[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]