Five reasons why I love Lifestyle Photography.

Five reasons why I love Lifestyle Photography

A few weeks ago I meet my prospective client Hina for a photo shoot for her little Son River. Hina had done studio shoots with her son a couple of times in the past and she mentioned that she wanted photos that capture the true spirit of her son. The little boy, aptly named River was cheerful and spirited quite enigmatic.

Lifestyle photography, according to me, is one of the most honest forms of photographing a moment as it captures the real life events of my clients. Here are some of the reasons why I love lifestyle photography as an art form:

  1. Home is where the heart is: Most of my clients prefer the photos to be taken in a place that is natural for them. A place where they have actually made these memories. Kids respond well to their natural settings and the results are often more organic. I also like clicking photos of families doing things that they usually do around the house; baking cookies, playing hide and go seek, simply running around with their pets. Your kitchen, play pen or even your study room can be a perfect location.
  2. Doing what they love: I am sure your infants have their favorite Peppa Pig toys or their much loved Elsa outfit that they can’t get enough of. Lifestyle photography gives us an opportunity to capture these moments that are hard to replicate in a studio.
  3. The little things in life: A father reading to his daughter, siblings playing together, a tender touch of a mother or a toddler sleeping in his crib. By clicking photos of people doing little things that they usually do I am able to bring in a sense of rawness in my photographs.
  4. Smiles and stories: As a photographer, I try and make sure that the families that I work with are comfortable and enjoy the experience, even if it means that I have to sing to the children and engage them with stories or just doing goofy things with them.
  5. A fine balance: In my years of photographing toddlers, I have come to realise that no two families are the same. What works for one, doesn’t always work for the other. Striking a right balance between letting the events unfold as an observer and directing my subjects, I strive to capture natural photos that don’t look overtly staged.

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