Being that 90’s child in India, since, I didn’t have computers or iPads with me, a lot of my time was spent in outdoor play. During hot months, especially when we had summer vacations, we were mostly confined in the houses and that didn’t stop me from having fun either. I started scribbling on my walls of my house when I had to be indoors. It seemed to be so natural to just draw, fill colours or make a mess out of it and it made the day joyous. 

In retrospect, I see what it did to me. it made me free of all pressures. And I don’t miss doing all of that today. Since, I couldn’t keep scribbling on my walls. I painted one of the walls in my studio to make a chalkboard. 

I still, sometimes, put my phone &  iPad away and pick up color chalks only to scribble! 

This gave birth to my photography project ’The chalk board series’. 

I scribble and then I shoot around my blackboard.

Ankit Chawla